Ardmore, Oklahoma

June 22-23 2019

2401 North Rockford Road

Ardmore, OK 73401

Table Prices

6′  $50

8′  $60

Free Power & Wi-Fi


Main Hall Overview Click Here


Tables available for rent entry


Tables available to rent main floor


  • General Admission is $10
  • Vets/LEO/Firefighters/OSA  $9
  • Children under 12 free
  • If you bring an item to trade or sell you will get a $1 off general admission as well.
  • Only One Discount per person.

Dealer S/U Fri 2-7 & Sat 7-9
Show Hours 9-5 & Sun 9-4

NOTE: If you are NOT selling Guns/Knifes/Militaria/Old west or anything else that should be in a Militaria show, your items MUST be approved prior to making reservations.

Our Militaria/Gun Shows are just that not craft shows, we pride ourselves in bringing true shows into towns and that is why we don’t let anything not listed above into the show unless prior approval has been met.
Thank you Matthew & Pattie