Rules and Agreement

SAFETY RULES AND AGREEMENT FOR HEARTLAND MILITARIA SHOWS Exhibitors and patrons must comply with all local, state, and federal laws in any firearms or ammunition transactions.  Heartland Militaria Shows are not responsible for the legality of any firearm sale; this is the responsibility between the buyer and seller.

Sales tax revenues are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and shall obtain all necessary permits or licenses at exhibitor’s cost. if you do not have a tax id state forms will be passed out at the show for vendor to fill out and submit at the end of the show this will be explained if you need further clarification.  Licensed exhibitors must bring a copy of a current FFL and Sales Tax ID if issued.

All firearms are to be unloaded, no magazines/clips in the weapons and all will be checked prior to entering building. All firearms must be secured with plastic zip ties and free of any clips or magazines.  That includes any Exhibitor’s personal guns, as well as any guns displayed inside of glass cases.  All Exhibitors’ handguns must be zip tied or with electronic devices or with cord to prevent theft.

No Conceal Carry Holders will be allowed to bring loaded firearms into the event at any time unless they are members of the Security Force this is due to insurance guidelines.

Show hours are advertised to the public and exhibitors are required to be open for business during that time.  Vendors must stay for the entire show hours unless previously approved for late arrival or departure obviously emergencies are the exception.  This is common courtesy for the public as well as the shows promoter.

Table covers are not provided and it is highly recommended you bring your own covers for the tables. No explosives of any kind! (Tannerite® or similar products are the only exception)

No Black powder is allowed in show.  No more than 5 pounds of Pyrodex® or similar products is allowed and must be sealed.  Smokeless gunpowder and primers must be stored in their original sealed containers; small arms ammunition is permitted once again stored in its original unopened manufactured container no loose ammo will be allowed.

No display or sales of any illegal firearms, weapons or illegal ammunition will be allowed into show. No Gunsmith or reloading work will be allowed at the shows.  No firing of weapons is allowed on property.  No Alcohol will be consumed inside building for any Heartland Militaria Show venues any breech in this regulation will be grounds for expulsion from event immediately.

You must ensure proper Identification is verified when selling firearms and ammo to determine age, identity, and legality of sale. No flea market items, art or figurines other than that which relates to guns, Historical Military or the old west unless approved by promoter prior to the show. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to purchase a handgun or handgun ammo this includes handling of pistols unless guardian is present.  Minors are not permitted in the show unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Heartland Militaria Shows or its venues are not responsible for damages or injuries resulting from the actions of exhibitors or patrons. Exhibitors and patrons assume complete liability and responsibility for any and all damages or personal injuries resulting from the use of any item displayed, demonstrated, or sold. In the event of material loss or personal injury, exhibitors and patrons will hold harmless Heartland Militaria Shows; it’s officers, members, and volunteers.

Refunds will not be granted if the Heartland Militaria Show must be canceled due to unforeseen damages arising from natural disasters I.E. Fire/Floods/Tornadoes/Earthquakes/Terrorist or weather related closures of Heartland Militaria Show location facility. Full credit will be shifted to future shows only with the same credited amount of tables rented from canceled show.

Heartland Militaria Show reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.  Violation of these rules by a patron or exhibitor is grounds for expulsion from the premises. Payment of the admission fee or space fee is acknowledgement that the exhibitor or patron has read and understands, and agrees to comply, with these safety rules and regulations.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that life sometimes happens and that there are circumstances that will prevent you from attending the show.  The following is our cancellation policy:

100% Refund with 4 weeks notice
75%   Refund with 3 weeks notice
50%   Refund with 2 weeks notice
25%   Refund with 1 week notice
Sorry, but refunds cannot be given for cancellations with less than 7 days notice. You also have the option to move the table rent to a future show if you prefer as well.